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Communication with you and with the presenter was excellent. We will definitely look at using PDP again for further training. You have been really helpful, friendly and very prompt in all communication. The quotation was clearly detailed and the cost was very reasonable and I found my preparatory conversation with the presenter to be excellent. She clearly had the interests of the group in mind and sought to tailor the sessions to our needs. All participants reported that the presenter was very well prepared, clearly very knowledgeable, able to convey information in a very engaging way and kept their interest through her manner, relevant information and usefulness in our context. The training was very positively received – no negative feedback was received – this is totally unprecedented in our place!! We don’t usually expect everyone to feel so satisfied. On this occasion everyone was very happy! The training has been described as excellent. 
We are highly likely to check the training being offered by PDP next time we are arranging professional development. This has been the best training experience we have had in terms of effective tailored relevance to our setting, highly professional and engaging presentation, and 100% satisfaction from all participants. Thank you so much.

Cathy Peut 
Social Work Support Manager,
Department of Human Services, Central Queensland Zone


“PDP made it incredibly easy to organise the training. You’ve always been polite, friendly, helpful and organised, and you’ve always been in prompt and timely contact with me. The quote was clearly detailed, easy understand and the cost was reasonable. I would definitely consider and recommend PDP in the future.
Pam was professional, prepared, good-humoured, approachable, helpful, friendly and a fantastic presenter. Pam was extremely knowledgeable and clearly knew a great deal about the practical, research and theoretical basis of trauma. She did move fast through the slides, however there is so much information to learn about. The knowledge she presented was of a high level. The only thing I found difficult was that Pam had me schedule the breaks, which I found difficult as I didn’t know when would be best timeetc etc- but that’s a small thing. She was amazing and I’d definitely attend training presented by her in the future. We would definitely choose PDP again.”

Eaowyn Vaughan-Johnson
Rehabilitation Clinician- Social Worker, Tablelands Mental Health Service


Thanks very much for organizing this training. PDP is a super friendly and approachable team that are effective and efficient and have been prompt in their responses keeping the training process on track till the very end. The cost for the whole two days was really affordable and reasonable as compared to others in the market as Training for CPD hours can be really expensive. 
Both the trainers had thorough knowledge and expertise in their respective fields and the participants took a lot out of the full two days training. The trainers were highly skilled and able to articulate their skills and knowledge in an easy to understand practical manner for participants to get motivated and take away some knowledge and skillset to apply in their practice. The presenters were able to include important aspects relevant to our workplace in their topics using examples and up to date research. 
The training most definitely met our training needs. PDP has been very organised and responsive and we will definitely book more training with them in the future.’

Dr Raksha Luchman
Senior Psychologist GEO Australia; Clinical Psychologist, Principal Supervisor at Psychology HeadQuarters


'We would definitely consider booking PDP in-house training in the future. PDP were well organised and responsive to our staff training needs.
Communication was prompt, effective, and friendly, the quote was clearly outlined and the cost of the event was reasonable. The trainer was well prepared, engaging, professional and presented the content of the training in an interesting way, demonstrating his expertise in a coherent manner.
The training definitely met the learning objectives; I am aware that a few therapists have embraced some strategies from this approach in their practice stating that their clients responded well to these therapeutic strategies.'

Carmen Iancu
Clinical Co-ordinator, Odyssey House.